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People’s Choice Prize Announced!

Painting of a man in a garden
After having received over 200 public votes, the People’s Choice Prize is ready to be announced!
As part of our prize exhibition, visitors to the gallery were able to vote for their favourite work. The people have spoken, and the artwork with the most votes is ‘Sharing’ by Martyn Harris.
Painting of a man in a garden
Martin Harris, Sharing
You can see the work and read some of the visitor comments below.
Why is this your favourite artwork?
“This realistic oil painting shows an incredible variety of living colours about the green allotment and the senior sharing his harvest.”
“All the vegetation is glowing with life.”
“Very realistic & nice loose brushwork”
“Bold, detailed & realistic.”
“Captures character and sentiments of title. Man’s face is excellent.”
“Sustainable concept. Real and relevant.”
“Unusual theme for a portrait; beautifully done, with empathy and understanding.”
“Love the colours and detail.”
“It looks so friendly! Accurate without being ‘photographic’; just right.”
“Just great. Recognisably English and everyday made so impactful and approachable.”
“Natural, green, so real. Just love it!”
“In his element and sharing his labours.”