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People’s Choice Prize – Your Comments So Far!

As part of our Prize Exhibition, we have a People’s Choice Prize which is voted for by you, our gallery visitors. The artwork with the most votes at the end of the exhibition will win – the prize is to be confirmed.

You can vote for your favourite in the gallery until exhibition finishes on Saturday 15 October. Here are some of the visitor comments that we’ve had so far!

“The palette, speaks to me about inclusion and exclusion. Love the conviviality but also the figures on their own.”

“I like the colour palette and how the picture raises questions about what is happening, what the dynamics amongst the people are, and why they are there.”

“It invites me to go outside but I just want to stand in the sunlight”

“I’ve never seen encaustic used in this way. Fresh and joyful.”

“Beautiful colours, tree feels alive and magical.”

“I love the detail of the tree and the colours of the forest with the spots of brightness where the sun hits.”

“Bright and engaging futuristic feel juxtaposed with a comforting human embrace. Love it.”

“Captures the memories of home of an old man far from his roots, especially in his eyes”

“All the vegetation is glowing with life”

“This realistic oil painting shows an incredible variety of living colours about the green allotment and the senior sharing his harvest.”

“Well balanced colours, nice background set. It feels from a distance like the picture turns into lively market place. Love it!”

“I love the precision. There’s so much going on. You see something new each time you take a look.”

“Wonderfully evocative – great colour palette, striking imagery.”

“Felt like I could see into the man’s mind.”

“I find it relaxing to look at. It’s peaceful!”

Voting for the People’s Choice Prize is open until the exhibition closes on Saturday 15 October.

Join us for an Artists’ Talk on Saturday 15 October, 2-3pm. Come along for a walk around the exhibition as we discuss the work with some of the artists featured.

The exhibition is sponsored by Maguire Jackson.

The RBSA Gallery wishes to thank each donor for their generous support.

All artworks are available for purchase, please contact the Gallery for more information.