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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

A shop display of colourful glass items

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here’s a little gift guide of items available in our Gallery Shop, both in store and online.  We sell a selection of carefully curated craft items including jewellery, ceramics, glassware, textiles, prints, and, of course, gift cards.  Pop in this week and pick up something perfect for your mum.

Whimsical Fusing Decorative Glassware

A shop display of colourful glass items

Whimsical Fusing is the name of the independent glass business run by Avril Edwards.  The brand was set up by Avril in 2017 and is based in her home town in Worcestershire.  Every piece sold by Whimsical Fusing is handmade by Avril in her studio which she describes as her ‘total happy place’.

Glass fusing is the process of hand cutting glass and carefully fusing pieces together in a kiln.  The nature of glass fusing ensures that no two objects are ever the same and each have their own unique quirks. Avril describes her work as light-hearted and fun, designed to bring a smile to your face.

Hilary LaForce Ceramics

A shop display of ceramics in whites and greens

Hilary LaForce makes one-off ceramic pieces inspired by both natural objects and ancient classical vessels.  Hilary works in stoneware and porcelain clays, with tactile, textural surfaces.  Hilary’s pots explore the volatile mixture of crystalline glazes and eroded volcanic surfaces.  Glazes are applied in multiple layers until both desired and unexpected results are achieved.

The forms include large bowls and vases, and a range of small tea bowls, as well as more organic forms, including the Fragile Landscapes series.

Jill Pargeter Textiles

A shop display of colourful textiles itemsJill has been working as a print maker and designer for over 30 years after studying printed textiles at Manchester Polytechnic.  Her inspiration comes from folk art and the arts and crafts movement which combines Jill’s love of history, nature, and the poetic verse.

All of the textile pieces produced by Jill are handmade. The process begins with the creation of an original design which is then screen printed on to fabrics, stitched, and finalised.  Jill produces a range of decorative objects for the home.

George Jackson RBSA Ceramics

Shop display of brown and red ceramicsGeorge Jackson RBSA has a broad craft base having worked in ceramics (making both decorative and functional pieces) and glass.  Currently his prime focus is in ceramics; stoneware and earthenware is produced primarily for domestic items and fired at low temperatures to produce the decorative forms associated with raku and smoke firing.

George’s inspiration comes from a multitude of sources; the natural world, historical and contemporary art and craftwork, and from a fascination with serendipitous outcomes achieved through experimentation.

Andrew Matheson RBSA Ceramics

A shop display of blue clay sculpturesOur current selection of stoneware and porcelain, crafted by Andrew, demonstrates the range of work produced regularly at his Midlands based workshop.  A keen interest in landscape is often reflected in some of Andrews ceramics, allowing the exploration of ‘ideas that are not just based on thrown techniques’, often venturing into hand building, slab forms and sculptural forms.

The potter’s wheel is central to Andrew’s method of making, as he produces a range of functional ware and unique thrown pieces – many of which are glazed based upon traditional recipes used in the orient and reduction firing techniques.

Emma Wells Glassware

Shop display of glassware and ceramicsEmma is a self taught artist, specialising in glass for over 20 years. She has developed her own unique style using printing techniques and kiln-firing.  Her collection of decoratively functional ‘house jewellery’ evoke bygone days and faded grandeur.

Inspired by Victorian intrigue and opulence, old family photographs and ancestral memories, Emma creates atmospheric and romantic designs.  Insect motifs feature regularly in her work, symbolising the obsessive nature of the Victorian ‘Collectors Extraodinaire’, interwoven with floral imagery, reminiscent of the Victorian Language of Flowers.

Handmade by Ray Ceramics

Ray is a maker based in Wales.  They work predominantly in ceramic, copper and wood.  Having grown up on the coast, Ray is heavily influenced by nature, with a fondness for organic shapes and forms.

This body of work features ceramic pieces that have been wheel thrown and then carved and/or decorated by hand.  These vessels take inspiration from nature in their design and colour pallet, with the organic colour of the clay being featured on multiple pieces.  Incorporating carving and selective glazing, the surfaces of these pieces encourage tactile interactions, and are an exploration of the artist’s interest in the ways we experience objects.

Jewellery by Shelanu

Shop display of colourful jewelleryShelanu, which means ‘belonging to is’, is a developing social enterprise supported by Craftspace.  Made up of migrant women, they produce high quality craft inspired by their new home, the city of Birmingham and their experiences of migration.

As well as learning new making skills, the women are supported to improve their English, gain confidence, learn business skills and run workshops for the community.


These are just a small selection of the craft items available in the RBSA Gallery Shop, you can see the full range in store.  Of course, there is also artwork for sale in our current exhibition of the RBSA Paint Prize 2024.  Our staff are always on hand to offer advice and assistance, we hope to see you soon!