KiT 74

May 2023

RBSA Members and Associates Newsletter

Hello, May already!

It’s short and sweet this month. You will be hearing from Viv Astling reporting on the AGM and the new elected officers and members. Congratulations to the three successful Associates who are now full members, Rob Leckey, Pete Underhill and Terry Lord. I will be introducing newly elected Associates in the next few editions of KiT.

Before the AGM, we had a lovely buffet lunch, prepared by Usha Khosla  and it was good to catch up with other members, although the attendance was not very good. Considering the lengthy debates we have had about Photography, It was very heartening to have two GRBSAs (formally NWA) accepted as Associates with their Photography and one Friend, also a photographer, is now an ARBSA.


Open Garden

Michele White is opening her garden on Sunday 7 May from 12.30 until 5.00pm for the National Garden Scheme and proceeds go to charity. Everyone is welcome.

Michele’s address  – 42 Amesbury Road, Moseley, B13 8LE


Pete Underhill

After meeting Bobbie Roe and taking reference photographs in the summer of 2021, Pete Underhill began preparations for her portrait less than a month later. By the end of September, he’d finished the painting and was ready to show it to his subject.

However, their individual hectic schedules kept their paths from crossing for almost two years, until Bobbie took time off to come to the RBSA Gallery to finally see the work in the flesh.

It was the first time that subject and painting had been in the same place.

Bobbie’s portrait, ‘The Sound Technician’ was one of the six pieces in Pete’s Candidate Exhibition – the perfect opportunity to see the work in the best possible setting.

In addition to being thrilled to see the painting up close, Bobbie was delighted to receive Pete’s early study drawing as his ‘thank you’ for her agreeing to be his subject and a keepsake of the experience.


A Gentle Nudge
Please continue to send me information about your practice to include in future KiTs. We’re visual people so an image of yourself – maybe in your studio as well as an image of your work would be useful to other members.


Thank you for reading

Vivienne Cawson VPRBSA