Wayne Attwood

The work considers the emotional responses to human relationships, especially the emotions that can be evoked by memory of relationships. Attwood views these paintings as ‘ghosts of the memory of feeling’. It is the often vagueness of memory or emotion as to why he eschews a literal or ‘realist’ approach, but leave space for a vague or unresolved interpretation to express such motifs.

Interested in how old ‘family snaps’ act as a visual facilitator to elicit emotional memory, he exploits these traits within painting by the appropriation of such references. The initial works in the series are autobiographical, but now source material is increasingly acquired from a wider community, allowing for a more diverse dialogue.

The paintings are ‘searched-out’ by the progressive (sometimes destructive) application of numerous interacting layers and marks, constantly moving the active paint layer around. Improvisation is fundamental to the process.

Painting of a man holding a baby

Will I Always Feel This Way

The Fetch of a Wave

The Stories We Tell

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