Usha Khosla

Usha Khosla studied at Brighton College of Art and Mid-Warwickshire College. For forty years, she was a Ceramics Lecturer at North East Worcestershire College, Redditch. At present, Usha divides her time between making pots in her studio and working as a Creative Studies External Verifier for City and Guilds Institute. She also runs workshops, gives demonstrations and lectures.

Usha became an Associate of the RBSA in 1994 and a Member in 1999. She has had solo exhibitions at Solihull Library and Bromley Library Art Galleries and has also submitted work to Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, Warwick Museum and Gallery and the Brewhouse Art Centre, Burton-on-Trent.

Her main medium is ceramics. The inspiration for Usha’s pots comes from the contrasts and vitality in the wide variety of landscapes she has visited. The forms, which are hand-built, are fired in an electric kiln to 1270c. The textures of her pots are enhanced by slips, oxides and glazes.

Ceramic vase

Ceramic bowl

Ceramic vase

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