Steve Evans

Steve Evans’ work is informed by his interest in architecture and structural stability resulting from form and shape. He is a Chartered Structural Engineer. His drawn work incorporates the techniques and formal qualities of technical drawing before the advent of Computer Aided Draughting – precision, the repetition of line and show reference to geometry.

Unlike CAD, these works contain minute inconsistencies; the spacing, whilst measured, is imprecise, the thickness of line variable. These ‘flaws’ evident in the hand-drawn pieces, add qualities that make each unique – sometimes the arrangements of line create visual disturbances and illusions beyond the original architectural or formal references.

The drawn works are layered, often using transparent materials and separation so that the work changes depending on the viewpoint. He also makes ‘constructivist’ 3D dimensional pieces which he regards as ‘drawings in space’.

He was elected as an RBSA Associate in 2014 and a Member in 2016.

Drawing of lines and grids in gold on black


Diminishing Cubes


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