Shenac Twiggs

Shenac Twigg’s artistic practice began with large floral ink paintings and bold contemporary linocuts exploring urban and rural landscapes and uncluttered still-life compositions.

She specialised in linocuts of her children, capturing those incidental, intimate everyday moments of life. Recently Shenac’s hand built ceramic sculptures seek to interpret the organic structure of nature and the coastline.

During the first COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020, Shenac’s thoughts were of her family and friends that she was unable to meet. She experimented with symbolising the people who are very important to her. The result has been enigmatic ceramic figureheads that are modern day statuettes – statements of our time, purposely minimalist to capture a moment for eternity. The figureheads have characteristic features representing essential parts of an individual. They are ambiguous yet give a sense of the familiar and a subtle suggestion of their narrative – they emerge as strong, resilient caricatures.

Sculpture of a male head and shoulders


Sculpture of the head and shoulders of a woman


Sculpture of the head and shoulders of a woman wearing a hat


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