Robert Perry

Perry’s work is done exclusively on location, day or night, winter or summer. In style it ranges from purely naturalistic to semi-abstract representations and in size from small (A4) to large (2.2 x 4.4m) He works mainly in oils or gouache.

His love of natural landscapes and those altered or despoiled by mankind’s interventions through development, agriculture, industrialisation and war, combined with an insatiable curiosity and fascination with History and the enigmas of Time and Space have led him to travel and work widely throughout the UK and Europe.

He has participated in numerous mixed exhibitions at home and abroad but  has focused on his many solo exhibitions which have been mainly in major city public galleries in Britain, France, Germany and Spain.

Examples of his work are held in numerous public and private collections

Black Country view towards the Abberleys

A3, Gouache, sold
Abstract painting of a landscape with lights

Black Country Twilight

48 x 72 inches Oil, sold

At Work, Sierra Guadarama

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