Rachel Ricketts

An inborn sense of commonality between species, including humans, and a persistent urge to express this motivates Rachel’s creative thinking.  A long-standing fascination with mythology and storytelling also informs much of her work, in 2D as well as sculpture.  The public work cast in bronze: Fly; the Walking Dog of Kington standing in the centre of town, which has been her home since the early 2000s, alludes a stream of hound based legends of the region.

Rachel is professional artist specialising in sculpture with over 40 years of experience.  Studying at Bournville then Norwich art schools 1974-80 followed by further studies at Lincoln College of Art and Technology and an internship at the Royal Pavilion.  Full membership of the RBSA was granted in 2008.

Sculpture of a dog

Fly, the Walking Dog of Kington

Bronze, 85cm
Spikey sculpture


Fired clay and reclaimed nails, 25cm

Silver John Beneath the Ice (detail)

Drawing on gesso panel 80 x 100cm

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