Paul Brown

Paul Brown’s work is predominantly figurative, varying from being purely analytical, (such as the nude studies) to scenes incorporating an allegorical approach to imagery, with the figure used as a formal tool for storytelling.

It is very important that his work remains accessible to everyone – realistic human or animal subjects, observed and modelled with discipline, surface texture and mark making.

Being a practicing artist feels intrinsic to him and from as far back as he can remember three-dimensional work has been his passion.

Brown’s artistic training has included all aspects of drawing, painting and illustration but his love of sculpture has endured, and this has remained the focus of his creative endeavours.

Paul believes his work is a journey of continual improvement and honing his individual style. He enjoys the visceral experience of working with clay and its malleability, changeability and emotiveness.

He also teaches part time and finds this extremely rewarding because of the interactive processes of insight and inspiration.

Head and shoulders of a woman in stone


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