Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin studied Fine Art at Margaret Street, Birmingham in the late seventies, and afternoon raising a family taught at colleges in Kettering and Lichfield.

In 2003 she decided to set up an independent art school in Lichfield and continues to teach a wide range of structured classes and workshops, covering diverse mediums and techniques.

She has had a lifelong passion for figure drawing and still pursued this line of enquiry, enjoying not only the technical challenges, but the opportunities for narrative and social comment.

While the pandemic made the quest for new subject matter more difficult, she embraced her love of suburban subjects, and painted local scenes, observing the seasonal changes.  She chooses to work very often in soft pastels, and more recently oil pastels, delighting in their immediacy.

She experiments with the versatile medium of acrylics, and lately the effects of combining collage.

Painting of a lane surrounded by trees

A Walk Down the Lane

Painting of people in a tea shop

Charlottes Tearoom Afternoon Sunlight

Painting of a woman sitting on a sofa

Clare is Waiting

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