Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs intertwines nature with history; his sculptures are a meditation on the fragility of life and the tragedy of obsolete power. His work often explores the contemporary significance of historical conflict, particularly the First World War and is characterised by ‘extreme making’ whereby relatively simple processes are taken to extreme lengths. For example, his horse and riders are made from thousands of wire strands, while his bird sculptures are made feather by feather from various papers, such as maps, QR codes, banknotes, and newspapers.

Mark won the 2020 RBSA Prize exhibition and was included in the 2018 and 2020 New Light Exhibition tours. He is actively involved with Arts Education, delivering hundreds of workshops, and managing the Arts programme of Carlisle Youth Zone.

Mixed media sculpture of a nightjar bird

Peace Bird Nightjar

Made incorporating the Arabic word for peace 'Salem' into the plumage, 30cm
Mixed media sculpture including a boar and animals

The Way of Empires - Königsberg

Mixed media sculpture 82 x 60 x 18cm
Mixed media sculpture of a man on a horse in army uniform

To the End of Empire

(Detail) mixed media including recycled wire, 55 x 62 x 20cm

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