Margaret Fairhead

Margaret is a textile artist, specialising in machine embroidered pieces.  She continually experiments to explore the possibilities provided by her digital sewing machine in developing a variety of textural effects and colourways in a painterly manner.

Experimental design development is always an essential preliminary to a new series of pieces – from sketches and drawings to painting in a variety of media, and trials with a wide range of threads and fabrics.   Currently this is applied to developing abstract ways of interpreting the characteristics of the spider plant.

A continuing source of inspiration has been the movement of water – the sea,  reflections of the sun on the water surface, and flowing river water.

A previous series was inspired by the RBSA bicentenary year with its focus on Birmingham.     This consisted of views from the canal towpath between Symphony Hall and Snow Hill Railway station (Birmingham & Fazeley).

Moving on from this series were pieces chosen from views seen from the train window on her frequent journeys to the  mid Wales coast.     This started with buildings in the centre of Birmingham, particularly the old Curzon Street rail terminus. Currently around this there is major development work being undertaken connected with HS2     The pictures continued with rural views and ultimately ended at the Cambrian coast.

Past design sources have been Sunsets, Geometric shapes, Medieval tiles,  Still Life, Floral and Fruit subjects.

In addition to long standing membership of RBSA,  she is also a member of Birmingham Art Circle, Tangent Textiles and local Arts Societies.

Textile piece of Curzon Street Rail Terminal in Birmingham

Curzon Street Rail Terminal

Mixed media textile, £600

Spider Plant

Textile, £160

River Reflections

Mixed media textiles, £330

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