Lynn Jeffery

Lynn Jeffery was elected as a Member of the RBSA in 2006, has been a Council Member for 14 years.

Lynn was raised in Liverpool and comes from a photographic background. She has always been interested in how places can change through redevelopment. She trained at St. Katharine’s College of Education, with Howard Coles, specialising in Printing and Photography. She moved to Birmingham in the 1980s and joined Paul Hipkiss at Shenley Court. This began a lifelong collaboration through the love of photography and printmaking.

Lynn introduced trips to Wales and her love of textures and detail was primed in this environment. A student of hers was interested in angels, and she started collecting images of angels herself. She started exhibiting in the 1990s, after meeting Anne Westley at a workshop – this inspired Lynn to make her A1 Angels series.

Lynn Jeffery was part of the Black Country Visions Group which responded to the industrial heritage of the Black country and toured galleries in the Midlands. Her current work is based on buildings. She is a member of The Liverpool School, a group interested in urban geometric forms. Her work responds to the juxtaposition of modern and more classical buildings, often seen in reflections.

She is a screen printer and her complex works involve paper stencils and multiple photo-silk screens. Some of her works involve rubbing back colour to create a distressed effect, others include block printed pieces of wood. Her choice of colours changes with time; red and gold gives a richness and timeless feel which contrasts with the brighter blue and yellow pieces, a reaction to the depression of austerity.

Lynn has exhibited widely in the North West and the Midlands and has also been selected for RWA Open exhibitions.

Image looking up towards a bell tower

Brightly coloured image showing reflections in a building

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