Lesley Dabson

Lesley Dabson gained a degree in Graphic Design at Coventry. After a break to raise the family she returned to art and first painted in oil. Her chosen subjects are mainly marine, and she works predominantly in oil. Lesley also enjoys pastel and charcoal figure work; she regularly attends the Princes Drawing School in London and is a member of the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society.

Dabson enjoys painting water and boats of all description; houseboats, fishing boats, dinghies and dive boats. Britain’s coastal towns and villages and inland waterways offer endless material for her work. Her favoured combination marries the fine linear detail of a man-made craft juxtaposed with the more abstract quality of water. The majority of her paintings are small, and her drawings are much larger.

Lesley has had work exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil painters, The Society of Women Artists and the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

Painting of a pier with buildings on it over the shore

Southwold Pier

Painting of a gondola sailing on the canals of Venice

Towards the Grand Canal

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