Leavon Bowman

From his early childhood years, art has always been Leavon’s passion. It is an intrinsic part of who he is and has always engaged him above everything else. In 2017, he completed a Degree in Fine Art Painting and Drawing at Northampton University.

At University, Leavon immersed himself in painting. Up until that point he was solely a pencil artist, and because of the fact he had never painted before, he spent a lot of time trying to understand the art of painting. His work is governed by a set of morals and values that is underpinned by his spiritual upbringing to reflect some of his most inner passion, desires and sensitivities.

Leavon’s mild obsession and affinity for nature began as a child. He was surrounded by nature’s beautiful scenes of the Caribbean that was often permeated with spectacular colours and composition, from the very subtle to extremely vibrant colours. This engaged his childish mind and that childhood fascination has grown into an artistic obsession and appreciation for nature. He is particularly drawn to the sea and the sky for the following reasons; aesthetically pleasing, evoking a sense of spiritual awakening, solitude, nostalgia, fear, and reverence to that or he who is greater.

Leavon’s work aims to capture an accurate glimpse of nature’s raw alluring and infinite beauty. With his close-up paintings of the subject, he hopes to transport the viewer’s mind into the beauty and wonders of nature, and also inspire the viewer not only to appreciate nature, but to recognise that nature has an origin, it has a perfect design and by this observation it must therefore be appreciated and protected. The visual he creates is also to give reflection and perspective to the seen and unseen, the unseen force or being that has created all that is seen.

Leavon had won many art competitions, awards and was a participant on Sky Art Live TV programme in 2019.

Painting of the ocean

Ocean Symphony

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