K’Zhayha James

K’Zhayha James graduated with a BA Art and Design from Birmingham City University 2022.

Unheard Conversations is K’Zhayha’s personal experience as a new mother which she found difficult to grasp. Her work conveys subsequent experiences after giving birth such as postpartum depression, hair loss, breastfeeding, and body dysmorphia (things regarded as ‘not normal’) yet all things most new mums have experienced.

The effects of these situations are known of, but not completely spoken about enough to thoroughly understand the emotional, mental, and physical burden a mother has to endure once she has given birth. She documents all of the conversations she has had with other young mums, using the materials that represent these issues such as breast pads, clumps of hair and pieces of clothing. The 9 plaster tiles represent the 9 months after birth throughout which she endured these experiences before finding a balance between social life and baby.

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