John Wood

John Wood was born in Birmingham in the year 1939, and has spent a lifetime in artistic endeavor, beginning with Calligraphy and hand lettering, thence to Graphic Design, to Architectural illustration, to Interior Design; from the year 2000 his artistic efforts have concentrated on Fine Art.

His influences in the 60s were: Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland, Fernando Botero, and Stanley Spencer. And more recently, Euan Uglow, Paula Rego, Degas, Tamara De Lempicka – and many more.

John’s work emanates from that force in common with composers of music, of choreographers of movement, of word smiths writing story’s, of poets, of designers and of artists.

His vehicles of communication are pencil and ink line, but mainly pastel in all its forms. John doesn’t reproduce seen landscapes or still life, cute animals, formal portraits, or abstract drips and drops. What remains is what he works with, generated hopefully with creativity, and ending with a sense of presence, and a lasting resonance.

Painting of a person in old fashioned dress with a cake

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