Joanne Powell

Joanne Powell has a long-standing passion for nature and love of the land and sea, originating from West Cumbria where she was born and lived for many years. The rugged coastline of the North West, wild fells and mountains of the Lake District have a strong influence on her work – even though she now lives in Worcestershire.

Powell feels that drawing and sketching are of great importance, strengthening observation and awareness in recording subject matter and exploring a variety of media. Her travels take her to the Scottish Highlands, Hebrides, Cumbria, through other counties to Cornwall. Painting is an inner journey of expression and feeling for the subject, portraying mood, emotion and atmosphere.

She became an elected Member of the RBSA in 2005 and a Member of The Society of Women Artists in 2008. Powell exhibits in Public and Private Galleries and has received many awards and commendations. Her publications include: The Public Catalogue Foundation, Oil Painting in Public Ownership as well as BBC Your Paintings: Who’s Who in Art.

Painting of fields and sky

Painting of hills in blues and green

Painting of a beach and blue sky with white clouds

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