Jeff Lomas

Jeff Lomas worked as a draughtsman with Denbighshire Planning Department until 1971. He then followed a career in education at Bangor Normal College of Education, which is where his passion for pottery was born.

Jeff worked in education until 2006, 20 of those years as Headteacher with a passion for pots – every child he taught made glazed and fired a pot. Of this he is very proud.

Joining the North Wales Potters association in 2006 gave Jeff an opportunity to exhibit his work at many prestigious galleries, which lead to solo exhibitions. He joined the RBSA in 2012, and in 2015 was proud to become a Member. His work is very much influenced by nature and seascape and by Japanese ceramics, and his Raku pieces are of a very large scale.

Vase in brown and cream

Tempest 2

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