Jan Gay creates a very personal response to her surroundings, whether landscape, figure or still life. She has always felt that observation underpins everything that she creates, but over the years she has wanted to develop something more from a subject.

‘Art is not a predictable journey. I aim to sift out the essentials of an image without actually losing the subject. This can be a challenge – there often seems to be an argument between detail and simplicity, but it’s worth the struggle!’

Her desire to look beyond the superficial, simplifying shape and exploring abstract elements brings a quality to her work which goes beyond realism.

Teaching art has been another aspect of Jan’s career. She has enjoyed sharing her passion for painting, working with adults in the community and people with health issues, demonstrating the need for creativity in life.

She obtained a BA in Birmingham in the early 1990s, specialising in painting, with some ceramics and printmaking. Prior to that time, she studied painting and ceramics when she completed her B Ed in Sussex.

Jan has exhibited in London and galleries throughout the UK and she became a Member of the RBSA in 2008. She has enjoyed the privilege of living in different parts of the country, and is currently based in Solihull in the West Midlands.

Impressionistic painting of a dramatic sky over a landscape

From Darkness to Light

Triptych of a sunset

Last of the Daylight, Cambrian Coast

Still life of fruit and a jug

White Jug with Red Ribbon

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