Irena Maria Varey

Irena Maria Varey learned how to make jewellery in Caracas, Venezuela, during a four-year apprenticeship to Catalan craftsmen of great experience. It gave her a solid base and practical confidence.

Irena’s designs reflect her Polish origins, the Latin American apprenticeship and her environment in the UK.

Irena loves textured surfaces and particularly enjoys controlled fusing to produce reticulated gold or silver and a three-dimensional effect. Her aim is to produce jewellery which is timeless and easy to wear and gives confidence and pleasure to the wearer.

Gemstones and their wonderful colours are a big influence on her work. Irena may start with a special one: an opal, a pearl or an iridescent shell and looks to enhance it with complementary colours, perhaps some unusual ones like mauve, green sapphires, or coloured diamonds.

Irena makes a whole range of jewellery including rings, necklaces and earrings in gold and silver using a wide variety of gemstones including diamonds. She also makes traditional engagement and wedding rings. She enjoys working on commissions as she feels designing and making jewellery for a specific person is great fun.

Gold rings set with coloured stones

Gold earrings with coloured stones

Silver pendant with coloured stones

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