Hannah Rollason

Hannah graduated her BA Fine Art degree from the University of Wolverhampton in 2021. She is currently a Masters student studying Fine Art at Birmingham City University, scheduled to graduate in 2024.

As a conceptual artist, Hannah Rollason creates large scale installations, to engage an audience physically and psychologically.  Her work is multimedia, including, but not limited to, drawing, photography, film, and ceramic. She embraces form, aesthetics, and the manipulation of media to draw out symbolism, metaphor, and myth within the context of the work. Initial inspiration comes from personal exchanges and everyday visual influences, often drawing in subjects such as history, ecology, and social politics to create an interdisciplinary practice.

She is currently researching how objects and the objectification of nature indicate social political change in historical and contemporary society and the further impacts this has on current issues such as climate change.

Discourse of a Pumpkin: Blank Space

Discourse of a Pumpkin: Blank Space


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