Hadis Ensafi

Hadis Ensafi (b.1998 Tehran) is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist living and working in the UK. She completed her MA in Fine Art at the Birmingham School of Art in January 2023.

Her practice is based on personal, social, and cultural issues, examining concepts such as memory, trauma, and violence. Narratives forge the basis of her work, not only as inspiration but also as the physicality of the work. The process of art making remains a prominent aspect of her practice and she uses a variety of materials and techniques such as weaving, stitching, drawing and metal work.

This artwork has been created in response to the current movement of Iranian women, inspired by the stories of their bravery and resistance. Weaving this piece, the artist has used several photos of this movement, as well as narratives and artist’s diaries, all woven together. The medium of weaving has a long and rich history among women of Iran (who are known for their weaving skills) and represents the many generations of women who have fought and resided here for many years. This fabric is a remembrance of this old and unequal but uninterrupted battle which is a legacy of our mothers.

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