Glenn Ibbitson

Glenn Ibbitson is a painter, printmaker and film-maker. He trained as a scenic artist at BBC T.V.C. London, and practiced as a freelance in the film and television industry for fourteen years [working on films by Bill Forsyth, Martin Scorcese, Louis Malle,] before relocating to West Wales to pursue his art full time.

The central preoccupation of his personal art has always been the human figure, including portraiture; painted in a realistic idiom.

Although the work may be appreciated on a purely aesthetic level, more recent paintings have been provoked by socio-political issues [human trafficking, political spin, state surveillance] The theme is often obscured; usually embedded as subtext, under cover of traditional Western painting techniques. Perhaps for this reason, Glenn’s art has been compared to a self-assembly furniture kit – don’t expect to find all the components or an instruction manual in the box!

After exhibiting with the RBSA for several years, he was elected as an Associate of the RBSA in 2021.

He has exhibited in New York, London, Dortmund, San Francisco and Kyoto and his work is lodged in private collections across six continents.

Painting of a lady staring at the viewer

Artist Interrupted Rozanne Hawksley

Painting of a naked man in a box

Consignment Batch 31 Unit3

Painting of a naked man against a wall with concentric circles projected onto him

Target. Smith;W.6079

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