George Taylor

George Taylor’s abstract paintings are grounded in his own journeys to many places which have continued to provide the source for his search for an abstract construct as an equivalent for visual experiences within the landscape.

He constructs, through abstraction, paintings which have their sources located as much in the interior landscape of thought and emotion, as in the perception of and feelings for the external world. His paintings are as “inscapes” becoming by extension, landscapes of the mind as much as landscapes of a specific place.

Taylor’s long career as an artist has come from a consistent belief in painting in his own search for a visual language. Through his integrity and commitment towards abstraction, this has resulted in a body of work which may be considered as equivalent – not necessarily for a specific landscape feature so much as an allusion to an unseen, but intensely felt force in nature at a particular time and place.

George optimistically believes in the nature of creativity experienced through the dynamics of risk-taking in visual terms. He explores the potential within the paradoxical nature of a space between certainty and doubt. It is the very nature of this dynamic that continues to inform his art and provides the fundamental principles underlying his purpose as an artist.

Abstract painting in red

Ancient Land

Abstract painting in red

Boudicca's Territory

Abstract painting in yellow


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