George Jackson

George Jackson has a broad craft base having worked in ceramics, (making both functional and sculptural pieces) glass, where he has developed a very individual approach to the casting process known as Pâte de Verre. He occasionally ventures into fused, stained, and leaded glasswork.

Currently, his prime focus is in ceramics; stoneware and earthenware is produced primarily for domestic items and firing at low temperatures to produce the decorative forms associated with raku and smoke-firing.

Inspiration comes from a multitude of sources; the natural world, historical and contemporary art and craftwork, and from a fascination with serendipitous outcomes achieved through experimentation, (the alchemy of mixing media and blending skills and materials).

Jackson’s background is in art education, where he was Head of a Creative Arts and Technology Faculty.

His work has been exhibited on two occasions in The British Glass Biennale, and also shown in The Glass Sellers Awards, London.

Bowl with texture

Open Form -Bird's Eye View

Raku sculpture with glass frog

Raku Form with Cast Glass Frog

Stoneware platter in greens

Stoneware Platter

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