Gareth Austin

Born in London in 1958, Gareth grew up in South Africa until his early teens. His grandfather was a landscape and portrait painter there, his father worked in advertising and later as an illustrator. Gareth’s mother was a layout artist on a national South African newspaper.

The family moved back to England in the early 70s and from his mid 20s Gareth followed a career in graphic design and branding in the leisure, automotive and theatre industry covering pretty much everything including video.

Returning to fine art in the last five years, Gareth has fallen in love with oil for the colour and blending it affords. He is fascinated with contrasts, how bright sunlight hitting objects creates deep shadows, sharply defining materials and textures. Gareth’s graphics background noticeably influences the design of his paintings. He sees realism as a way of freezing time, an invitation to appreciate the dazzling beauty of simple things.

Gareth has exhibited locally and has sold work to private collections in Birmingham UK & Boston Mass & Columbus Ohio USA.

Gareth currently lives and works in South Birmingham as a freelance graphic designer and artist.

A painting of tomatoes

Tomato Red

Oil on canvas, 540mm x 440mm in frame, £600
A painting of kiwi fruits

Kiwi Green

Oil on canvas, 540mm x 440mm in frame, £600
A painting of avocados

Avocado Green

Oil on canvas, 540mm x 440mm in frame, £600

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