Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton

For several years Gabrielle Roberts-Dalton has focused on developing a narrative through portraiture and self-portraiture using oil paint, Indian ink, pencil/charcoal and printmaking.

Some of these pieces have evolved into works where the ‘portrait’ is less obviously defined. Roberts-Dalton uses Indian ink for drawing the day to day feeling and emotions; recording these as a picture diary. She allows ambiguity and haziness to happen so a clarity can emerge through the creativity of the image.

Recently she has been working on a series of drawings and oil paintings about the Menopause, using herself as the model in an obscure although decisive way. The physical and emotional effects are not always clear, but the exploration of the story through visual art has grown into a large body of work.

Many women find the narrative relates to them. Gabrielle experiments with technique, materials and the perspective of images, finding something new and conveying a different world that may not be obvious to the viewer.

Black and white drawing of a seated woman

The Conversation

Painted portrait of a woman wearing a headdress

Time of the Thin Tissue

Black a white drawing of a person wrapped

The Arduous Perch Of The Sitting Sigh. Menopause Series

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