Gabriel Rivera Romano

Gabriel Rivera Romano is a Mexican-British artist based in Birmingham best known for his abstract sculptures. He earned his sculpture diploma from the Institute of Arts in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1992. 

Gabriel moved to England in 2006 and has since continued to develop his art, experimenting with numerous mediums and materials to get highly distinctive results.  His sculptures use movement as the primary mode of expression and depict every day forms, figures, silhouettes, auras, shadows, human allusions, and organic patterns from nature.

Gabriel has always been attracted by experimenting and his pieces are made from a variety of materials including: wire, concrete, mineral plasters, clay, and epoxy aggregates.  His greatest influences are artists such as Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, and Jean Arp.

Gabriel uses art as a meditative outlet, each piece represents a part of his internal growth. Throughout the process of creation he discovers the power of art and each completed sculpture is the consequence of a profound inner catharsis. For him, sculpture is a mystical and magical medium through which the artist and the audience can exchange heavenly and spiritual messages.  With his sculptures Gabriel attempts to generate a very intimate one-of-a kind connection with the viewer, evoking a desire to be present and alive.  

He has participated on several occasions exhibiting his sculptures in the UK. In 2019 he had the honour of receiving the winning award of the Tim Dobson 3D prize for his sculpture ‘’Dreaming of you.’’ at the RBSA Gallery. 



Making Dreams

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