Elaine Hind

Elaine Hind was born in 1945 Birmingham and trained at Birmingham College of Art. She was elected an Associate of the RBSA in 1970 and as a Member in 1992.

Her work is nearly always a response to nature, especially plant forms, which she has been obsessed with since childhood. She works in porcelain because she enjoys the clean colours one can achieve, even when using thin washes.

Originally, she would have said that form and modelling were the main characteristics of the work. However, she now feels that she uses the surface of her pieces more graphically than she used to, as well as incorporating drawing and painting to her works. She has also included glass on some pieces, which she makes in her kiln. Each piece is a unique one-off, but she often works on themes.

Sculpture of shoes

Porcelain Shoes

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