Edward Noott

Born 1963, Edward Noott studied at Cheltenham College of Art, Trent University and the State University of New York, USA. He has had annual solo exhibitions at John Noott Galleries since 1993 and J.M. Stringer Gallery, New Jersey, USA since 2002, as well as taking part in many group exhibitions.

Edward has won the RBSA Best Painting and Originals Print Exhibition prizes. He has had work reproduced by the Robertson Collection and the Art Group. He believes that colour is the impetus that is most exciting. When he starts a painting, he aims to create a composition that unties the colours so that a dynamic balance is achieved.

Painting of a town square in the sunshine

Lunch in Venice, Provence

Painting of a harbour and boats in the sun

Mousehole Harbour

Sunrise over the Grand Canal in Venice

Sunrise over the Grand Canal in Venice

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