Celia Nancarrow

Celia Nancarrow graduated in Fine Art in Birmingham and now specialises in collagraphs. The infinite varieties of materials that can be used in creating a collagraph make this type of printmaking particularly exciting; both methods of inking up (intaglio and relief) create a unique image.

Her work can be abstract, figurative or have the simplicity of a Japanese Print. Some prints present themselves better in black and white than in colour and vice versa depending on the subject matter or mood that is being expressed.

Celia’s practice usually has a theme and is developed to produce a series on that subject. For example, there are different prints based on the mystical island of Anglesey. Its ephemeral light qualities and ever-changing moods are a fascination and the challenge of reflecting the extreme tonal values inherent in the Welsh landscape can be met by the flexibility of the collagraph.

Black and white image with lines and shapes

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