Bernard Moore

Bernie is an award-winning contemporary figure painter, based in Shropshire, who likes capturing facial expressions and unwitting body language to create paintings that evoke curiosity and empathy.

He follows the traditional school of French Realism finding problem solving and application of paint far more appealing than seeking exactitude.  He believes in leaving evidence of the painting process, for the viewer to see, which helps create an interesting boundary between abstraction and reality, and to project a sense of aesthetic energy.

The Victorian painters like George Clauson, John Waterhouse, and modern realist painters Richard Schmid and Morgan Weistling are his main sources of inspiration.

Bernie graduated with a first-class honour’s degree in fine art, a degree in art history, and a Master of Education.  For a while he taught art in adult and secondary education, before focusing on his true passion to paint full time. This led to studying realist painting with the Scottsdale Realist School of Painting, Arizona, USA.

Bernie is an elected member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, and winner of national prizes. He exhibits with Artifex, Sutton Coldfield, The Artchilli Contemporary gallery, London, The Imagine Gallery, Suffolk, at affordable art fairs in Bristol, Battersea, and Hampstead Heath, London with the Bridgegate gallery; and is well known for his large paintings of Breton dancers held in private collections in the UK and in France.

Painting of a girl wearing a bonnet

Who? Me?

Painting of a girl wearing a bonnet

Coif de Lorient

Painting of a girl wearing a bonnet

Who's That

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