Angela Dooley

Angela attended Canterbury Art Collage during 1965-66 and from there went to Portsmouth Art College to take a degree in fine art and sculpture, graduating in 1969. She took a Post Graduate teaching certificate at Birmingham University which led to a career in teaching from September 1970 to July 2007. Angela became Head of Art and Lower School at Selly Park Girls School Birmingham.

She became an associate member of the RBSA in 2014 and prior to this was a member of the Birmingham Water Colour Society. In 2016 Angela became a full member of the RBSA. She joined the Easel Club in Birmingham in 2022. Examples of Angela’s work have been accepted at the West Midlands Open Art Exhibition, Crickhowell Open Art Exhibition (Powys ,Wales) and Royal West Academy Open Art Exhibition.

In 2018 her entry in the Broadway Festival exhibition won the best new entrant prize and in 2017 her entry to the RBSA Prize exhibition won the watercolour prize. In 2021 Angela was invited to exhibit work at the Cheltenham Art Fair on a stand sponsored by an Architects group, from which she successfully sold work.

Visual ambiguity influenced much of her work while at college in particular the works of Escher and Renee Magritte and the cubists. This fascination with ambiguity continues to have an influence on much of the landscape work that Angela paints. Trees and water have provided opportunities to explore randomness and order of shapes, ambiguity often enhanced by their interaction with sunlight. Much of Angela’s current work is centred on Birmingham City Centre landscapes that result from the reflective surfaces that adorn many of its recent buildings. Here are images that are ambiguous and bizarre, scenes of distortion of real buildings presenting almost unreal images in their reflection.

Abandoned Wharf

40x55, NFS
Painting of the reflection of cranes

Invasion of the Cranes

55x40, NFS
Painting of reflections in a building

Lower Temple Street Reflected in Grand Central

55x40, NFS

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