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Friends 2023: Highly Commended Artworks Announced

Following the opening of our Friends 2023 Exhibition, we are pleased to announce the artworks which were highly commended by the judges!

Please see the selected works, along with comments from judges Olivia Swinscoe GRBSA and Ed Isaac RBSA Hon. Curator , below.

Pauline Bradley, Nocturnal Wind, 2020


“The sensual and organic qualities of this work are underpinned by a strong compositional structure and an expert handling of colour. A well-executed collagraph with a sense of movement throughout, this work transports the viewer into a seductive nocturnal world.”





Adam De Ville, Punch Drunk in Love, 2021



“Humorous and tender, De Ville’s work depicts the loving relationship of an elderly couple who appear to be resting between rounds in a long boxing match. The artist’s skilful handling of the medium and the techniques employed give this watercolour a fresh, contemporary feel.”






Sally Ellis, Still Life by the Window, 2022



“The treatment of space and shape in this painting creates an interesting sense of perspective. Through her sensitive application of paint and rich, vibrant colour palette, Ellis imbues this domestic scene with a feeling of softness and warmth throughout.”





Ngai Yi Lee, Moment, 2021



“This work captures a tender moment between two lovers in exquisite detail. The foreground figures stand out in relief from the soft stitching and layered fabrics that make up the cityscape behind them. Colour and tone are expertly handled by Lee in her depiction of this intimate scene.”







Pauline Meade, Story Of One Year, 2021
2 additional editions available, £240




“A simple concept well executed. Each of the 42 linoprints that make up this work are skilfully made and bursting with life. Together, they convey an impression of springlike energy and a sense of renewal.”






Marijke Van der Veen, Last Flight, 2021


“A beautiful and melancholic work. This sculpture conveys the muscular quality of the bird’s body as it flows over the rock on which it has come to rest. The positioning of the head and neck clearly communicate the bird’s exhaustion, and the choice and treatment of materials creates an impression of life residing within this piece.”





You can see the Friends 2023 exhibition in person and online till Saturday 11 February.

Join some of the exhibiting artists for a guided tour of the exhibition from 2pm on Saturday 11 February.

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