StART Exhibition 2019

30 December 2018 — 09 February 2019

Original artwork by RBSA artists all priced at £300 and under – a great starting point for budding art collectors and much less stressful than the January sales!

Don't miss the associated Studio Sale event!

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Call for entries - How to enter

Only RBSA Members and Associates can enter this exhibition. 

The application pack will be available to download from this page 6 weeks before the deadline. The deadline to submit your entry form is Monday 12 December.

  1. Click the link on the top right to download the application pack or send a SAE to the Gallery. Please use Adobe® Reader® (free software) if completing the application pack on a computer.
  2. Read through all the terms and conditions in the application pack.
  3. Complete the entry form and exhibit labels.
  4. Return the entry form by the deadline stated in the application pack. We recommend that artists submitting their entry by e-mail do so several days before the deadline so there is time to deal with any technical difficulties. 

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Call for entries - How to pay your entry fees

Please ensure that you follow the instructions provided and check your payment carefully.

  1. Check how many 2D or 3D works you are entering.
  2. Select the 'Pay your entry fees now' button below.
  3. By clicking the button below, you will be taken to the PayPal payment portal.
  4. The price will be for one entry. Edit the quantity to match the number of works you are entering. This will update the price to the correct amount. If you are entering 5 or 6 works, make the quantity 6 to pay the correct entry fee of £24.
  5. Click the checkout button. The yellow checkout button will take you to your PayPal account. The white button will take you to a guest account to pay using your card details.



Troubleshooting download problems

Downloading files involves many variables and these may cause various problems. If you experience any issue when downloading the application pack please check the following to help you resolve the problem:

+ Is the latest (free) version of Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer?

+ Which browser are you using? We recommend Firefox.

+ Check that your computer settings allow you to download files.

If you are still unable to download the application pack after checking the above, please try to right click the link and choose 'Save link as'.

If none of the above enables you to download the application pack, please click here to contact us and we will be happy to send it to you via email.


* Except photography

Key Dates

  • Ground Floor and Galleries 1 & 2
    30 December 2018 — 09 February 2019

    Original artwork by RBSA artists all priced at £300 and under!