Mathe Shepheard RBSA

01 July — 17 August 2019

Japan Revisited in the Mind 

This exhibition features watercolour and Indian ink paintings inspired by Mathe's travels to Japan twenty years ago. 

It can be said that over the years since my visit to Japan, the country and its deeply held traditions have been a source of inspiration. The landscapes gathered here evoke, echo and re-interpret the world of peaks and flowing waters, of gardens, large in scale but small in size, where space is measured, controlled and rhythmical, of large skies and vistas, of an ever-present haze as one reaches densely covered heights, of rocks deliberately set in a sea of sand and of innumerable revered trees .

While Watercolour lends itself to delicate yet rich renderings, Indian ink is invaluable in providing an anchor but it can also be used subtly, as shown here in unobtrusive blacks and greys.

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Key Dates

  • Ground Floor
    01 July — 17 August 2019

    Solo Show