Commission an artwork

The RBSA is happy to undertake commissions. All commissions are carried out by Members and Associates of the RBSA. Please see the guidance below for enquiring about or placing a commission:

+ Think about which artist you like by: looking at the artists on display in  exhibitions, on the Membership page, on our Flickr albums.

+ Consider what type of artwork you would like
, e.g. the subject (who/what is depicted), the medium (e.g. oil, watercolour), the size (including the frame), and the style (e.g. abstract, figurative).

+ Consider the budget. Commissions with RBSA can cost as little as £200. All commissions include the RBSA commission (currently 35%) and VAT on that commission because they are administered through RBSA Gallery. Cost is determined by the number of meetings, any related expenses, the medium used, and size. Each artist will have their own fee structures, with more established artists charging more.

+ Consider the time-frame. Let us know if there is a set deadline by which you need the artwork (e.g. commissioning a portrait for a birthday gift).

+ Successful commissions involve plenty of input from the artist and customer. Generally, an artist meets with a customer 3 times, with additional e-mails or calls throughout the process. A letter or e-mail of agreement is also drawn up (once the commission is agreed) to confirm important items, such as the budget and what is to be included in the charge (e.g. many artists charge for framing separately).

If you have any queries or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on