What happened next?

23 September 2013

 Learning and project Coordinator, Natalie Osborne, speaks to a student who took part in the RBSA ‘History Makers’ education project in 2012.

Kamran Lg thumb

In 2012 the RBSA Gallery delivered an education project called ‘History Markers’ with students from Small Heath Secondary School and Sixth Form. The project was based on an exhibition of the same title on display in the Craft Gallery. Each student worked with exhibitor and designer-maker, Betty Pepper, and local jewellery undergraduate, Ami Pepper. They studied the exhibition, explored different ideas about history and identity, and experimented with a variety of craft techniques.

By the end of the project each student had made their own piece of craft, exhibited their work in the Gallery, and shared an art skill with their peers at school. Throughout the project each student recorded all of their work in a portfolio, which was submitted for a Bronze Level Arts Award.

One of the students who participated in the project was Kamran Hussain. He has continued to make artwork in his own time alongside his studies and, in July 2013, returned to the RBSA Gallery to discuss his current work…

Natalie Osborne (NO): Thank you for posting a video online about your Arts Award. What inspired you to make the video?

Kamran Hussain (KH): I made the video because I wanted to inform people about Arts Awards. It’s good to do different things so I wanted to promote Arts Awards as a good opportunity. The video is a bit basic but it is my first one and I hope it shows people how much I enjoyed the project.

(NO): What have you been up to since the project last year?

(KH): I have been really busy! I finished my GCSE exams and have been working on individual projects over the summer. I’ve been making some origami jewellery lately. I taught myself how to make them and each one is based on a story about origami.

(NO): What are your plans for the near-future?

I’m going to be studying Geography, Graphics, Literature and Psychology for my A-Levels but I want to keep doing art as a hobby. I like to stay busy and would like to do a Silver or Gold Arts Award.

(NO): Did the History Makers project encourage you to continue with Arts Awards?

(KH): Yes. I really enjoyed coming to the Gallery and working with Betty and Ami. I also enjoyed showing my work. I would like to make work for display again and think it would be good to continue to get a Silver and Gold Arts Award.

(NO) You’ve had some time to look at the current shows on display. Are there any artworks on display that you really like?

(KH): I like the craft but this time I prefer the paintings. I’ve enjoyed looking at George Taylor’s work and David Gordon’s work. I don’t normally like landscapes but David’s work reminds me of Edward Munch and is really expressive. I don’t paint but I like looking at different types of painting. David and Gordon both use texture in different ways and they have lots of detail when you look close-up. I think George’s captures the essence of his emotion and what he is trying to create.

Following his visit, Kamran gained a place on the ‘Are you up for it?’ Summer Boot Camp to gain a Gold Arts Award. We wish him every success with this project and look forward to seeing him at the Gallery again soon.

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