Summer School - A Conversation with Annette Pugh ARBSA

09 June 2013

This summer, Annette Pugh ARBSA is running an exciting collaborative workshop, Scrolls, Screens and Hangings, on 17-18 July. 

Here, she discusses the workshop and her current projects with one of our Volunteer Gallery Assistants, Becky Sexton.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a project using photography and archive material in which place and image combine to create new narratives. I have been fortunate enough to work with the Grand Hotel in Birmingham on this project and to have had access to the building during its renovation process, thus enabling me to create and record a series of site specific installations.
Alongside this I am also completing a residency at Coventry University, primarily in print making, and am a recent winner of the Drawing Prize at the Lewis Gallery in Rugby. For this exhibition, I produced a large scale pen and ink work informed by both my photographic and print works.

In your workshop, Scrolls, Screens and Hangings, what drawing skills can the participants build on?

We shall be focussing on scale, drawing techniques and materials and working collaboratively to produce a drawing installation, something which has not been done at the Gallery before. Working alongside others and sharing ideas is always an exciting proposition and participants can expect to be both challenged and excited by a broad and experimental approach to drawing styles and materials.

You will also be looking at artist reference material, such as Japanese art and the artworks of Brice Marden. Is this material a frequent source of inspiration?


The workshop will draw upon a whole range of traditional and more contemporary artworks in order to question participants’ current understanding and definition of drawing.

Both Japanese brush and ink work and Brice Marden’s prints and paintings have long been an interest of mine. The elegance and control of materials and line is a source of inspiration for my teaching and within my own practice.

The workshop will encourage team work and create an opportunity to combine works. What are the advantages of working with others to create a collaborative work?

A collaborative project is always an interesting and often dynamic proposition. The resulting work becomes a union of skills with no singular individual having overall ownership. Alongside the practical work I also hope that participants will engage in lively critical debate throughout the workshop.