RBSA Offsite: Broaway Arts Festival 2018

06 April 2018

The RBSA is delighted to be taking part in this year's Broadway Arts Festival. A selection of RBSA artists will be showing their original artwork at John Noott Galleries from 2 until 30 June.

Broadway Arts Festival. Lg

List of exhibitors:

Hazel Astling
Jasmina Ajzenkol
Christopher Baker
Alex Calloway
Fran Currie
Jan Gay
Penny German
Mary Griffin
Kevin Line
Andrew Matheson
Robert Neal
Ed Noott
Rob Perry
Val Pitchford
Rachel Ricketts
Jenny Ryrie
Michael Salt
Claire Spencer
Jenny Sutton
Jonathan Taylor
Chris Tkacx

Broadway Arts Festival:

Broadway Arts Festival 2018 (8 – 17 June) offers a hugely varied schedule of events that include celebrity talks, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, music, and theatre of the highest quality for all ages to inspire, encourage and entertain anyone with an interest in the arts.

  • Visit the website here.
  • View the programme here.
  • Enter their art competition here.
  • Find out more about John Noott Galleries here.

Penny German - oil Magnolia  jug 20x24ins framed. LgThumb

Penny German ARBSA, Magnolia Jug, oil, detail.