Prize exhibition review

18 May 2016

Our new Weekend Gallery Assistant Volunteer, Gursharan Dhanda, gives us her thoughts on her favourite works in the 'Prize' exhibition...

The RBSA Gallery is currently displaying their 2016 ‘Prize’ competition exhibition, which provides selected artists with the opportunity to showcase their work and be offered the chance to be rewarded as the majority of pieces are able to be purchased.

The exhibition is displayed in two open-space galleries and showcases talent in a range of mediums including paint, Hoptonwood marble, ink, and mixed media. The variety of pieces makes this year’s ‘Prize’ exhibition a refreshing collection of work, with something to be enjoyed by everyone. The exploration of different themes enables you to relate and value the art in your own personal way, as well as having the space to peruse the galleries at your own leisurely pace.

Kozin.Tanya.Sitting girl. Iron Jasmonite.2

A personal favourite of mine is the sculpture entitled ‘Sitting Girl’ by Tanya Kozin RBSA. It is an iron jasmonite piece that resides in the centre of gallery one, thus placing emphasis on the figure itself. The detail suggests a specific sitter, rather than a generic female figure. I was drawn to the posture and pose of the statue; to me, the woman appears pensive, calm and absorbed in thought. The nakedness and covering of the body through its pose parts suggests an essence of virtue and comfortableness in one’s self, as opposed to brash confidence.

Finch. Mark.  Perseus Meets Medusa. oil on linen

Another favourite of mine is the winner of the Maguire Jackson Urban Landscape Prize, which is an accomplished oil painting entitled ‘Perseus meets Medusa’ by Mark Finch. As a fan of Greek mythology, I was delighted to recognise clever references made within the painting – something I won’t give away to you! – thus making the piece an interactive one. The large scale of the work allows you to completely immerse yourself into the scene and almost become part of the narrative. The vivid colours and the style of realism make the picture extremely appealing visually. There is so much to take in that you could find yourself lost in this work for up to an hour… Did you notice the meerkats on neighbourhood watch? Go back and look again!

Gursharan Dhanda