Guess the weight of the sculpture winner!

09 November 2017

During our recent RBSA Charity Art Auction in collaboration with Deutsche Bank, Autistica, and Bonhams, we ran a 'guess the weight of the sculpture' competition. Attendees to the auction were invited to pay £1 to guess the weight of a sculpture by Viv Astling RBSA.

The winner was identified on Wednesday 8 November and we are delighted to announce that it is Teresa Bath. Her guess of 3.2kg was the closest to the correct weight of 3.45kg.

Viv Astling. wavelet. limestone on slate. articleAn example of work by Viv Astling RBSA.

We would like to thank again everyone involved in the auction, especially Deutsche Bank, Autistica, and Bonhams. If you were unable to buy an auction ticket, you can still make a donation to Autistica via their website.

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