Be a curator for the day with RBSA!

13 October 2010

Today a group of year ten students from St Francis of Assisi Technology College attended a Curator for the Day workshop at RBSA Gallery. The workshop forms part of a large project called Exploring Birmingham's Art History with the RBSA Gallery, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. As part of the project the RBSA has held two exhibitions based on works from the Permanent Collection. The first, Rediscovering the Lines Family: Drawings of Birmingham and Beyond in the nineteenth Century , took place in 2009 and was curated by a collaborative PhD student. The second, Industrial Responses, is currently on display and was curated by members of the RBSA Archive Volunteer Team. Today the group learnt how to recognise and apply the skills required to curate an exhibition. They were guided by members of the Archive Team to curate their own exhibition of works from the Permanent Collection. They explored at a range of areas including:
1 - Theme and display
2 - Audience and marketing
3 - Learning

They also gave a Dragons Den style presentation of their exhibition!