Jeff Lomas

Jeff was born in Denbigh and Studied art at Bangor, North Wales, and is currently producing studio pottery at his studio based in Hinstock, Shropshire. He is a Committee Member of the Friends Committee, and has been a full member of the North Wales Potters Association serving as a Committee Member for more than 10 years. He has widely exhibited in England and Wales and regularly in Shropshire and Telford Galleries. Jeff is a ceramic artist / studio potter. He was made an Associate of the RBSA in May 2013 and was elected as a full Member in May 2015. He has successfully exhibited at the gallery on numerous occasions and has held two solo exhibitions there in recent years. Initially, Jeff's specialist area was centred around working with large scale Raku works, which were appreciated widely because of their unusually large scale, striking textured qualities and stunning glaze effects. His work is largely influenced by coastal and natural themes with a love of the stunning North Wales landscapes in the Vale of Clwyd and coastal attributes of Anglesey. More recently, Jeff has added to his ceramic genres by producing Buncheong style pots of Korean pottery. He has also worked on a series of the Akai style work of Japanese potters. He has always been heavily influenced by the wonderful achievements of the major Japanese Studio potters. These two styles have allowed Jeff lots of additional opportunities to further stimulate his creative license in the decorative qualities in his work. All work is now fired in using the reduction potential of his gas kiln. The potential of using this firing approach has considerably widened his scope regarding the finished results. Whilst Jeff does tend to make his work on a large scale, he is open to commissions on whatever the size of the work is required. All pots are hand built, with occasional use of the wheel as appropriate.