Roslyn Zalin, deceased

Roslyn  Zalin, deceased

Roslyn Zalin BA, RBSA Roslyn trained as a textile designer after working and travelling widely in Africa. Her paintings and prints covered a wide variety of subjects, but always focussed on at least one of these elements – pattern, colour and texture. She was been inspired by Africa, her walking tours of Italy, and prolonged visits to Australian and New Zealand. Roslyn was a print-maker as well as a painter and her lino prints were usually based on the flowers and foliage found in her garden or by the River Severn, near where she lived, as well as the more exotic native plants of New Zealand and Australia. Her paintings were often in mixed media, with collage a favourite medium. They are usually textured, colourful and with a strong pattern element. She also worked with pastels, enjoying the colour and directness of the medium.