Liz Williams, deceased

Liz  Williams, deceased

Liz Williams, d.2010. Liz trained at Coventry University. After many years working as a ceramicist, she experimented with textiles. Locations she exhibited at include Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, Chester Cathedral, the Halesworth Gallery and Woodbridge Gallery. She also sent her work as far afield as the Fletcher Challenge Exhibition in New Zealand. Favoured themes include mending and patching, healing and reconciliation. Liz preferred to use recycled fabric. She was inspired by the patterns in old tiled floors and mosaics as well as Japanese boro textiles. When taking part in the Inspired Stitches exhibition at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Liz was struck by the bold shapes of Howard Hodgkin’s Artificial Flowers. She therefore responded with a textile work based on this piece.