Marylane Barfield

Marylane  Barfield

Marylane was born and educated in Michigan. She studied Art History at Berbeck College, London and moved to Birmingham upon marriage. Here, she studied painting at Bournville College and taught art at Small Heath School. She was elected as an associate of the RBSA in 1990, and a full member in 1993. She was President of the RBSA 1995-2001 and awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Aston University in 2002. Marylane’s work is divided between figural work in pastel and painting the landscape. Figures within the interior are of particular interest to Marylane, especially as the English winter weather often forces us all inside. Marylane believes interiors reflect the people who inhabit the space; They act as portraits. When summer arrives, Marylane likes to paint outside. Space and colour fill the canvas and energise her for another year ahead. In all her subjects, Marylane strives for beauty.